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Ballpark Vibes Ladies by Madison Fun

Megan Ellis

Co-Founder/Main Editor/Staff Writer

Favorite Team: San Diego Padres

Megan Ellis is an aspiring sportscaster and journalist for MLB. She is currently studying Communication at San Diego State University. When she’s not watching baseball, you can find her exploring her hometown of San Diego, taking pictures, or drinking coffee in a local cafe.

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Pam Wilinski

Co-Founder/Copy Editor/Staff Writer

Favorite Team: Chicago Cubs

Pam Wilinski has a love for all things sports, especially baseball. She is currently studying Sports Management and Communications. When she’s not at the ballpark, you can find her exploring Chicago and taking pictures – usually with an iced coffee in her hand.

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Natalie Gurrola

Staff Writer

Favorite Team: San Diego Padres

Natalie Gurrola is an aspiring Social Worker. When she’s not cheering on her favorite boys, you can find her exploring San Diego, traveling or volunteering at organizations that help low income children.

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Paris Nguyen

Staff Writer

Favorite Team: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Paris is a Division 1 Athlete aspiring to work in the executive world of sports. She is a former San Diego State Aztec, and current Loyola Marymount Lion studying computer coding and project management. When she’s not in the game, she’s at a game, mostly looking for a diamond, dirty or sparkling. Outside of the sports atmosphere, she’s a Dog Mom, major foodie, and a country music lovin’, line dancer.

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Taylor Hood

Staff Writer

Favorite Team: San Francisco Giants

Taylor Hood is an aspiring Sports Agent for MLB players. She is studying Sports Management at Arizona State University. When not working, she is taking road trips with her boyfriend or trying out new vegan restaurants in her home of Phoenix, AZ.

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Karissa Duran

Staff Writer

Favorite Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Karissa Duran is an aspiring sports journalist. She is currently studying Journalism at San Diego State University. She is also a staff writer for SDSU’s student newspaper, The Daily Aztec. You can normally find her vibing out at music festivals, road-tripping or grabbing brunch with her friends.

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Ashley Magdaleno

Staff Writer

Favorite Team: Detroit Tigers

Ashley Magdaleno has been working within MLB for 4 seasons. Originally from Sinoloa, Mexico, Ashley is living the dream as a bubbly, spaztastic, blonde Spanish reporter. She has worked with the San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres organizations. When she’s not working, you can find her in the stands with [berry or tropical] skittles in hand.

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