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MVP On and Off the Field

By: Alexandra Gintoli The in-season schedule of a professional athlete, especially a Major League Baseball player, is nothing short of busy. With 162 games scheduled over a (roughly) eight month period, including time committed to practicing and training, it's amazing they're able to make time for themselves and their families outside of the whirlwind that… Continue reading MVP On and Off the Field

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Cheaty, Cheaty, Bang Bang

By Kari Lakes Trash cans, wires, whistles from the dugout, a mysterious monitor, fake twitter accounts… you know the story. The Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal. Months after the 2019 World Series, where the underdogs from the nation’s capital bested the offensive phenomenon that was the Astros, the investigation findings became public. The fall out was… Continue reading Cheaty, Cheaty, Bang Bang