Top 3 Instagram Worthy Spots at Chase Field

Whether it’s your first or tenth time at Chase Field, there are definitely some spots that everyone should get the chance to see! My top three photo spots are listed below: Bats outside of the ballpark So cute and makes for a good picture even when the stadium is closed (like our current situation) or if there’s an away game! I personally always love finding … Continue reading Top 3 Instagram Worthy Spots at Chase Field

Best Food Spots at Chase Field

As the sun sets on another day without baseball, I find myself having flash backs to some of the many great snacks available at baseball stadiums, particularly the one nearest me, Chase Field. As a gluten-free vegan, there would hardly be anything for me to eat in general, not to mention in a ballpark or stadium. Luckily, for me, I have been able to learn … Continue reading Best Food Spots at Chase Field

Ballpark Blues

By: Hannah Bronkema The premature closing of spring training facilities across the valley has led to an eerie silence in what used to be a bustling hub for baseball fans and players alike. As the dreams of Opening Day at Chase Field dance around in the heads of Arizona’s baseball hopefuls, it seems as though the “ballpark blues” have finally started manifesting inside of us. While … Continue reading Ballpark Blues

Ride or Die Diamondbacks

By Alana Meraz There are many reasons to have an affiliation with a team. Maybe it was your parents’ favorite team, or where you were from, or maybe you just randomly picked a team one day and decided to stick with it till the end. For me, the Arizona Diamondbacks are my ride or die team. Two of my earliest childhood memories include this team.  … Continue reading Ride or Die Diamondbacks