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The Angel in the Infield

Tommy La Stella may have had a short few years with the Cubs, but it was pretty great. He may have been a bench player and occasionally started at 2B/3B, he was always the player I cheered loudest for. I don’t know what it was (and still is) that made Tommy my favorite player, but it was immediate. Every time I hear “Oh What A … Continue reading The Angel in the Infield

Meet the 2020 Boston Red Sox

By: Megan Drier The dark days of a baseball-less world are behind us, and the 2020 MLB season is here. After a long offseason following the disappointment of the 2019 Boston Red Sox, baseball is finally back at Fenway. It’s hard to be too optimistic about a team that looks very similar to last season’s roster, minus some big names. The most notable absence is … Continue reading Meet the 2020 Boston Red Sox

The Art of a Cleat

In the baseball world today, cleats are far more than just a shoe you wear out on the field. They’re an accessory. With the power of a customized cleat, players are able to express themselves or even make a statement while out on the field. Although we may love drooling over custom cleats, it’s not often we hear about the artists and designers that make … Continue reading The Art of a Cleat

The Road So Far…

The American Association’s season is just past the one-third mark, and it’s crazy to think there’s just 40 games left in the season. Typically, we’d be past the halfway mark and would have had the All-Star Game by now. Each of the six teams that had elected to play this season have been putting on a show. I’m lucky enough to watch the Chicago Dogs … Continue reading The Road So Far…

Baseball is a Love Language

By: Delia Ritchie “How can you not be romantic about baseball?”                -Moneyball Growing up in Chicago, you had the option of two baseball teams and depending on your upbringing, you definitely did not have a choice. I had the option of the Cubs or the White Sox, and due to the overwhelmingly positive influence of my mom’s family—I chose the White Sox. From the moment … Continue reading Baseball is a Love Language

Say Hello to the 2020 Dodgers

“Well, now, here we are… together again. You might look a little different, and you might sound a little different. But despite our uncertainties and despite your imperfections, you’re still you. You’re still baseball. And here you come to make us smile and to make us mad. To give a little hope and a little routine. Here you come with the moments and the memories … Continue reading Say Hello to the 2020 Dodgers

Mets 2020 Season Preview

The 2019 season for the New York Mets was a bit of a rollercoaster. If you were to look at them on paper at the beginning of the season, they looked dang good. However, the Mets started off on the wrong foot going 40-50 and being the second to last team in their league before the All-Star break. I guess they didn’t realize just how … Continue reading Mets 2020 Season Preview

A Taste of Baseball

Miss baseball and friends? I know I do, which is why the girls and I headed over to Park at the Park to get a taste of Summer Camp! Since we were already at Petco Park this was the perfect opportunity for Megan to take some good product photos for her small business, Home Sweet Ballpark! If you haven’t already, be sure to follow HSB … Continue reading A Taste of Baseball

Meet the 2020 St. Louis Cardinals

By: Kennedy Maitland The St. Louis Cardinals and “The Greatest Fans in Baseball” officially have a season to look forward to, even though it will be quite different than anything we have seen in the past. With a 60 game season starting in a few short weeks, there are some adjustments to be made and learning curves to overcome for the Cardinals organization. With summer … Continue reading Meet the 2020 St. Louis Cardinals

Behind the Dream: Tom Cosgrove

Tom Cosgrove is a pitcher from Staten Island, NY drafted by the San Diego Padres in 2017. Last season (2019), he played for the Class-A Adv Lake Elsinore Storm in Lake Elsinore, CA before being placed on a rehab assignment in Arizona for his arm. Keep up with Tom on Instagram! Q: What’s your favorite baseball movie? TC: Sandlot, for sure! It’s a classic. You … Continue reading Behind the Dream: Tom Cosgrove

Sweet Home Chicago: The Dogs Return to Impact Field

Being one of the younger teams in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball (AAIPB), the Chicago Dogs are ready to take the field and get back to baseball at Impact Field. Though the team was originally slated to be based at the Milwaukee hub for the season, Illinois’s Phase 4 opening allows the team to play their home games in Chicago, following local and … Continue reading Sweet Home Chicago: The Dogs Return to Impact Field

Baseball is Back

Yes, the rumors are true. Baseball. Is. Back. On June 23, 2020 Major League Baseball announced the return to play. They announced the 2020 season will begin on July 23 or 24 and will consist of a 60 game schedule. Baseball is back. It feels crazy even typing it. Baseball is back. Upon hearing the news, I didn’t jump for joy and and get teary-eyed … Continue reading Baseball is Back

Baseball is for Everyone

Fans are always proud to show their support of their favorite teams. Baseball clubs across the country, from majors to minors, have begun to host Pride Day (or night) games, as a way to celebrate their fans in the LGBT+ community. Last year, the Cubs hosted their first pride game. Staff were wearing “LOVE” pins and handing out matching stickers to fans. Many went above … Continue reading Baseball is for Everyone

Best of the Cactus League Ballparks

Although I’d love to go in-depth to all ten of these unique stadiums, I thought it would be best to focus in on my top three. Here are some of the most unique and distinguishing features for Camelback Ranch, Sloan Park, and Tempe Diablo. Camelback Ranch Water feature Creating a park-like atmosphere, the river around the two clubhouses serves as a division between the two … Continue reading Best of the Cactus League Ballparks

Top 5 Mascot Moments

In honor of National Mascot Day, I decided to put together my top five favorite mascot moments. (In no particular order of course) Coming in hot at No. 1 – Orbit on a Mission We got Orbit, mascot of the Houston Astros, hunting down Jose Iglesias before the big game against the Boston Red Sox. No. 2 – Phillies Phanatic Seeks Revenge Mark Grant, former … Continue reading Top 5 Mascot Moments

The American Association Says “Play Ball!”

On Friday, June 12, the American Association of Independent Baseball (AAIPB) put out a press release announcing their plan of action to begin the 2020 season. On Monday, June 15, the league released the season schedule, as well as a more thorough description of their plan. The league will begin a six team, 60 game season with fans in attendance starting Friday, July 3. The … Continue reading The American Association Says “Play Ball!”

Manfred vs. MLB

As of just last week, MLB commissioner, Robert Manfred stated “unequivocally we are going to play Major League Baseball this year”, going on to say the season was without a doubt happening. As the days progress, however, he seems to be going back on his word stating he is “not confident” that baseball will make a comeback this year. So…where does that leave the fans, … Continue reading Manfred vs. MLB

Changes to Baseball

I’ve been waiting for the 2020 baseball season since, well truthfully, since October 31st, the day after the 2019 season ended. So, just like many others, the news of a pushed back and potentially postponed season hit me hard. Due to what many sources are saying and how our country is slowly recovering, I am super optimistic about getting some sort of a baseball season … Continue reading Changes to Baseball

Life Behind the Dream

By: Paola Hernandez Baseball represents something different in every person. For some people it’s a hobby, the way to connect with other people, and for others it’s a job. I have been watching it since I was little and I grew up watching some players that became my favorites. Thinking about them, I realized that in this sport there are lots of opportunities. I’m not … Continue reading Life Behind the Dream

The London Series: A Fan’s Perspective

This week, I decided to interview one of my good friends, Emily Pugh, on her experience at The London Series last year. She takes us through some of the high points of the game, in-game entertainment, and much more! Hope you enjoy and you can follow Emily on Instagram! Q: What was your favorite part about the experience? A: The whole trip was incredible and … Continue reading The London Series: A Fan’s Perspective

Instagram Worthy Spots at Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium is the third oldest ballpark in MLB. There’s so much history built into the ballpark which can make for some pretty cool Instagram photos. Even though I’m a Padres fan, Dodger Stadium is my second most visited ballpark. I’ve complied a list of some of my favorite spots to capture a photo while visiting the “Blue Heaven on Earth.” Depending on where your … Continue reading Instagram Worthy Spots at Dodger Stadium

Time for Change

This week’s post does not come to you out of excitement or enthusiasm, but instead from pain and heartache. I know that this is a controversial subject right now, but I feel that this is the most important thing going on in our world today. Regardless of how convenient it is for us not to have these conversations, now is the time to do it … Continue reading Time for Change

5 Things I Learned From Alanna Rizzo’s Panel for Pups

Los Angeles Dodgers reporter Alanna Rizzo organized a virtual panel with well-known individuals who work in the sports industry, including Hall of Famer Jaime Jarrin, to benefit her Guidry’s Guardian Foundation on Wednesday, May 27. Rizzo announced on her social media accounts that she was hosting a Zoom event with experts in the field for aspiring sports journalists. The event was open to high school … Continue reading 5 Things I Learned From Alanna Rizzo’s Panel for Pups

Bats on Fire

Many professional athletes have turned to steroids to enhance their performance. Besides making the muscles bigger, steroids have also been known to reduce any muscle damage that has occurred on or off the field, which often helps athletes recover much quicker as it enables them to work out harder and more frequently. Down below I have noted some of the most known professional baseball players … Continue reading Bats on Fire

MLB’s First Certified Female Agent: Rachel Luba

Rachel Luba is the first female to become a certified MLB Player’s Agent. She is well known for being Trevor Bauer’s agent and securing his contract this past offseason. She has served on the MLB Salary Arbitration staff and has heard 26 arbitration cases, more than any other agent. Luba is definitely a name to remember as this UCLA alum is looking to make a … Continue reading MLB’s First Certified Female Agent: Rachel Luba

Top 3 Instagram Worthy Spots at Chase Field

Whether it’s your first or tenth time at Chase Field, there are definitely some spots that everyone should get the chance to see! My top three photo spots are listed below: Bats outside of the ballpark So cute and makes for a good picture even when the stadium is closed (like our current situation) or if there’s an away game! I personally always love finding … Continue reading Top 3 Instagram Worthy Spots at Chase Field

Baseball at First Sight

By Maria Eaton As a young girl, I have always dreamed of playing baseball, even softball, since I could remember. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. But my parents took me to my first San Diego Padres game in 1998 and I just remember hearing the sound of the crowd as they cheered and the smell of ballpark food. The memories of it all just took … Continue reading Baseball at First Sight

Looking Back at the AAGPBL

The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. What a time it was, not just for women, but for baseball fans everywhere. We’re just a few days away from the anniversary of the league’s very first game, nearly a century ago. Even though it was an amazing feat for female athletes everywhere, the awareness of the league and girl baseball players was very minimal; and still to … Continue reading Looking Back at the AAGPBL

MVP On and Off the Field

By: Alexandra Gintoli The in-season schedule of a professional athlete, especially a Major League Baseball player, is nothing short of busy. With 162 games scheduled over a (roughly) eight month period, including time committed to practicing and training, it’s amazing they’re able to make time for themselves and their families outside of the whirlwind that is the game of baseball. Those that do, however, have … Continue reading MVP On and Off the Field

Staying Social While Social Distancing

There’s no pandemic big enough to keep the San Diego Padres from engaging with the Friar Faithful during these difficult times. Though it hasn’t been a whole lot of fun being away from the ballpark, the Padres sure have made it easier for the fans. Just days ago, the San Diego team paid tribute to all frontline heroes. BUT… they couldn’t leave out the Class … Continue reading Staying Social While Social Distancing

The History Behind Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is one of the oldest and most historic and iconic Major League ballparks in the country. With historic moments like Babe Ruth’s “called shot” to the first night game in 1988, I’m going to cover some of the history of Wrigley Field. **** Different Name, Same Place Built in 1914, Wrigley Field (originally named Weeghman Park) is the second oldest ballpark in America. … Continue reading The History Behind Wrigley Field

Ballpark Eats: Petco Park’s Tri-Tip Nachos

One of the best parts about the ballpark is all of the delicious food. Petco Park in San Diego, CA is known for showcasing food from all of the best local restaurants in town! For our first episode of Ballpark Eats, we’ll be recreating the fan favorite Tri-Tip Nachos from Seaside Market! How to Make Tri-Tip Nachos Feel free to save the recipe card below … Continue reading Ballpark Eats: Petco Park’s Tri-Tip Nachos

Best Food Spots at Chase Field

As the sun sets on another day without baseball, I find myself having flash backs to some of the many great snacks available at baseball stadiums, particularly the one nearest me, Chase Field. As a gluten-free vegan, there would hardly be anything for me to eat in general, not to mention in a ballpark or stadium. Luckily, for me, I have been able to learn … Continue reading Best Food Spots at Chase Field

Top 5 Padres Moments From 2019

Since we can’t physically be at the ballpark, it seems like all we can do during this time is sit back and reminisce on our favorite moments from the 2019 season. Of course these are only my top 5 favorite moments, as it would be nearly impossible to note every unforgettable moment from the previous season. Please keep in mind that the following moments are … Continue reading Top 5 Padres Moments From 2019

Baseball Stuff to Remember

I was watching The Sandlot a few days ago, and realized that Smalls never finished his “Baseball Stuff to Remember” list. In the movie, he has one thing on the list – and that’s all we see. So I’ve taken it on myself to add on to Scotty Smalls’ list. The Great Bambino Since this list is inspired by The Sandlot, we naturally have to … Continue reading Baseball Stuff to Remember

Behind the Seams: Stephanie Montgomery

Stephanie Montgomery is the wife of Kansas City Royals pitcher Mike Montgomery. Follow Stephanie on Instagram and Twitter for tech news/ tips and baby cuteness. Check out her website for even more tech segments. 5 Fun Facts about Stephanie I grew up just outside of Seattle, Washington I used to work at Google I’m proficient in French I have a children’s book (about baseball, what … Continue reading Behind the Seams: Stephanie Montgomery

Twins 2020 Preview

By: Jena Smart “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called ‘life.’” Anyone in the state of Minnesota can tell you what those words mean, along with music lovers all around the world. Prince struck a chord when he wrote those lyrics, and we feel the vibrations, especially now as we experience the COVID-19 pandemic. While quarantine keeps us at … Continue reading Twins 2020 Preview

Diamond Drip

No longer are baseball players solely judged on their style of play, those who watch the boys on the big screen have now become fashion critics. As silly as this seems, modern players are bringing more swag to the game than it has ever seen before. Instead of showcasing your speed and strength, players are now expressing themselves through their cleats and accessories. Sneakerheads have … Continue reading Diamond Drip

Behind the Screen: Darren Georgia

Darren Georgia is a Chicago-based photographer and content creator. To see his work, follow Darren on Twitter, Instagram, or check out his portfolio. 5 Fun Facts about Darren I was born and raised in Colorado. I initially moved to Chicago to pursue a career in comedy. I produced and hosted a comedy cruise at Navy Pier for 2 years. I almost failed my high school … Continue reading Behind the Screen: Darren Georgia

Game Day Apparel Guide

Tired of wearing the same jersey or team shirt to every game and need a change in your game day apparel? Addicted to comfy, graphic t-shirts? Love living in a hoodie 24/7? Well, you’ve come to the right post! Here’s a list of game day brands that I love supporting and I think you will too! * I’ll keep updating the list as I come … Continue reading Game Day Apparel Guide

Behind the Seams: Haley Crosby

Haley Crosby is the wife of Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Casey Crosby. Crosby pitched last season with the Chicago Dogs, and signed a minor league contract with the Dodgers in December 2019. 5 Fun Facts about Haley My claim to fame are two (very short) commercials when I was little (3-5 years old). One for Lamb Chops underwear and another for Pillsbury Dough Boy. I’m … Continue reading Behind the Seams: Haley Crosby

Behind the Seams: Frédérique Déry

Frédérique Déry is the fiancé of Phillippe Aumont, a pitcher in the Toronto Blue Jays organization. Keep up with Frédérique on Instagram! 5 Fun Facts about Frédérique Déry If glasses didn’t exist, I would be considered disabled! I cannot see anything without them!!  I am a self-claimed astrology specialist. I blame everything on astrology and I love to guess people’s signs. I used to own a … Continue reading Behind the Seams: Frédérique Déry

Feet First

By Guest Writer Kate McCarthy In 2014 I’d never seen a single game of baseball. I didn’t know the rules. I didn’t know the teams. I barely knew we played it here in Australia. Fast forward to July 2019 and there I was ready to fly 13,000km by myself to watch a sport that I’d fallen in love with. The goal was to see as … Continue reading Feet First

Behind the Screen: Sam Brief

Sam Brief is a professional sports broadcaster. He graduated from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. He is the Broadcast and Media Relations Manager for the Chicago Dogs. Follow Sam on Twitter and Instagram, and check out his portfolio. Follow The Chicago Dogs on Twitter and Instagram, and visit the team’s website to learn more about the team. 5 Fun Facts about Sam My great-great-great-great-great … Continue reading Behind the Screen: Sam Brief

Dodgers Host First-Ever Zoom Party With 11,000 Fans

The Los Angeles Dodgers held their first-ever Dodger Zoom party on Monday night for about 11,000 Dodger fans. The Zoom party was hosted by Alanna Rizzo and Joe Davis, and they were joined by past and present players, Coach Dave Roberts, Oral Hershiser, Jamie Jarrín, Ned Colletti, a few celebrities and a few other prominent Dodger figures. It was a great evening to bring fans … Continue reading Dodgers Host First-Ever Zoom Party With 11,000 Fans

Behind the Dream: Trey Vavra

Trey Vavra is an infielder/outfielder from Menomonie, WI. He played two seasons with the Chicago Dogs. Some Fun Facts about Trey My dad and brothers all play(ed) professional baseball. 2. All of our dogs have T names: Thomie, Tula, and Torii. Named after Jim Thomie, Troy Tulowiski, and Torii Hunter. 3. All my brothers have T names – Tanner and Terrin. What is your favorite … Continue reading Behind the Dream: Trey Vavra

The Ultimate Petco Park Food Guide

What makes a great ballpark? From the views, to the fan experience, and the best food in town, Petco Park has you covered. America’s Finest Ballpark is known for it’s variety of food options! Whether your looking to snack on your favorite ballpark bites or branch out and try some of San Diego’s favorite local restaurants, you won’t be disappointed! Seaside Market Sect. 105; Tri-Tip … Continue reading The Ultimate Petco Park Food Guide

The Angels 7 Deadly Sins

Every team has their fair share of misfortune, the what-ifs and what could have beens torment their fanbases and organizations for seasons on end. Looking through the short history of the “Los Angeles” Angels, there were many pivotal moments that shaped the ball club for years. As we go down the list, we will look at what affected the Angels from the least to most … Continue reading The Angels 7 Deadly Sins

Behind the Screen: Henry DaMour

Henry DaMour is a professional sports broadcaster. He graduated from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. He spent the summer of 2019 broadcasting for The Chicago Dogs (AAIPB). He now works as an e-sports broadcaster in Los Angeles, CA. You can follow him on Twitter or check out his portfolio. 5 fun facts about Henry He was born in Brazil. Didn’t move to the United … Continue reading Behind the Screen: Henry DaMour

Ballpark Blues

By: Hannah Bronkema The premature closing of spring training facilities across the valley has led to an eerie silence in what used to be a bustling hub for baseball fans and players alike. As the dreams of Opening Day at Chase Field dance around in the heads of Arizona’s baseball hopefuls, it seems as though the “ballpark blues” have finally started manifesting inside of us. While … Continue reading Ballpark Blues

Behind the Seams: Maggie Hedges

Maggie Hedges is an esthetician from Orange County, CA. She is the wife of Austin Hedges, catcher for the San Diego Padres.  Keep up with Maggie on Instagram! 5 Fun Facts about Maggie Hedges: I was born in Orange County, CA. My fur baby, Mr. Beau, was my birthday present from Austin on my 19th birthday! I am an esthetician and have been a lash artist … Continue reading Behind the Seams: Maggie Hedges

Nationals 2020 Season Preview

From being the worst team in baseball with an unpleasant record of 19-31 in May to winning the franchise’s first World Series title, the Nationals 2019 season was a marvel. Head Skipper Davey Martinez started the season urging his team to “Go 1-0 today”. After winning the NL Wild Card game against the Brewers with an unanticipated ninth inning comeback, they adopted the phrase, “Finish … Continue reading Nationals 2020 Season Preview

Behind the Dream: Justin Goossen-Brown

Justin Goossen-Brown is a pitcher from Sherman Oaks, CA. He graduated from San Diego State University before playing with The Chicago Dogs last year. What are 5 fun facts about you? I’m learning how to play guitar. I have an uncle who played in the majors. I’m the second youngest of 5 kids. I didn’t start really pitching until I was in college. I love … Continue reading Behind the Dream: Justin Goossen-Brown

Instagram Worthy Spots at Wrigley Field

From sitting in the bleachers on a Friday afternoon to watching the Boys in Blue under the lights for a night game, the action is caught on phones galore in the stands. But outside of snapping a pic of your favorite player, there are fun spots all around the park you can take a picture. The Marquee If you choose to enter Wrigley Field through … Continue reading Instagram Worthy Spots at Wrigley Field

Behind the Seams: Hannah Garcia

Q: What are 5 fun facts about you?  I was born and raised in small town St. Joseph, MO, where most of my family still lives. I worked several jobs prior to staying home with Olivia, including a lab associate at an ethanol research company, a consultant at a healthcare electronic medical records company, and up until going into labor with Olivia, I was a … Continue reading Behind the Seams: Hannah Garcia

Baseball’s Glass Ceiling is Starting to Crack

“You mean softball?” “No I mean baseball.” I have heard that a million times and I gladly say I’m still playing baseball.  My love for the game is unlike anything else. When I get on that field everything comes naturally. I feel at home and I wouldn’t want to be any place else. I have never played softball because it’s a totally different sport to … Continue reading Baseball’s Glass Ceiling is Starting to Crack

Instagram Worthy Spots at Petco Park

There’s a reason why Petco Park in San Diego, CA is called “America’s Finest Ballpark”. From the perfect weather to the breathtaking views, there’s so many great places to take a photo while catching a Padres game! I’ve been to 140+ games at Petco over the years, so I’ve learned all the best places to get the perfect photo for your Instagram! The main entrance … Continue reading Instagram Worthy Spots at Petco Park

Behind the Seams: Natalie Szczur

Natalie Szczur is the wife of Philadelphia Phillies’ outfield Matt Szczur. Five fun facts about Natalie: I am a beach girl at heart. I grew up in North Wildwood, New Jersey. It’s a small island on the southern tip of NJ, with white beaches and an amusement boardwalk. During the summer, hundreds of thousands of people flock to the island to vacation, but it’s a … Continue reading Behind the Seams: Natalie Szczur

Behind the Dream: Marcus Reyes

Q: What’s your favorite baseball movie? I’d probably say Major League because of the camaraderie they show in the movie and it’s just a bunch of misfits. They all ball out, but they are degenerates. It’s just a fun comedy baseball movie! Q: Who was your favorite team growing up? So, I had two favorite teams. Obviously the San Diego Padres, just because I’ve lived … Continue reading Behind the Dream: Marcus Reyes

Giants 2020 Preview

Another week has gone by, aka another week without baseball. As we anticipate the possibility of continuing the season in the Greater Phoenix Area, we have the time to check up on our favorite teams and see what changes they have made to their rosters in the offseason. Last season wasn’t the best for Giants fans, but this year (being an even year) had us … Continue reading Giants 2020 Preview

Getting to Know the Star of Lake Elsinore Storm: Kaz Egan

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the star of Lake Elsinore Storm, you are in for a treat! (No pun intended) Kaz Egan is a professional sports broadcaster and anchor. He graduated from Palomar College with a degree in Digital Broadcasting Arts. Kaz then went on to be a reporter and anchor for the North County News. Soon enough he became the emcee … Continue reading Getting to Know the Star of Lake Elsinore Storm: Kaz Egan

Helmets to Headsets

With no baseball to be played, or watched, what is there left for us to do? Be assured that us fans are not the only ones having serious game-day withdrawals. Players across the league are gearing up to compete on the diamond again, only this time, they do so with headsets instead of helmets. The MLB will be hosting a 29 game season for players … Continue reading Helmets to Headsets

Cubs 2020 Preview

While we wait for the 2020 MLB season to begin, we’ve been given some time to look at our favorite team’s rosters (from active and 40-man non-roster invitees) from the too short Spring Training. The 2019 season was a rather disappointing one for the Cubs, and the fans are back to our old adage, “there’s always next year.” With changes on the field and on … Continue reading Cubs 2020 Preview

Trader Joe’s Shopping List: MLB Edition

These days, grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s is more like a sporting event than anything else. Long lines, crowds, and if you get there too late you miss all the good stuff. That’s why it’s important to have a solid list (lineup) prepared before you head out. I personally curated this Trader Joe’s shopping “lineup” that’s fit for the Majors. I also included some substitutions, … Continue reading Trader Joe’s Shopping List: MLB Edition

Padres 2020 Season Preview

The San Diego Padres took the whole “New Decade, New Me” saying to the next level. The Friars will be entering this season with a new look, new skipper and coaching staff, as well as some new faces in the clubhouse. Last season, the Padres finished the NL West division in last place with a 70-92 record. This was disappointing considering the team was .500 … Continue reading Padres 2020 Season Preview

5 Things I Learned Working in Sports

My first job in the sports industry was with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The little girl who rocked purple and teal t-shirts and grew up going to Bank One Ballpark/Chase Field was screaming. I joined the street team during the 2017 season and came back the following season as a game operations assistant. Whether it was how to draw the logo on a poster or how … Continue reading 5 Things I Learned Working in Sports

Shaping Up Amidst the Coronavirus

Major League Baseball players continue to stay in shape, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has put a hold on their season. Many of the athletes have at home gyms, personal trainers they can FaceTime or Zoom with, or simply just making do with whatever they have at home. Working out at home and not being able to go to professional work out facilities can … Continue reading Shaping Up Amidst the Coronavirus

A Pittsburgh Pirates 2020 Preview

2019 was a season full of strange events for the Pittsburgh Pirates, from coaches and players fighting, freak injuries, to one of their star players getting arrested. Though there were some bright spots for the 2019 Pirates, last season was frustrating to say the least. However, there’s always next season.  During this past offseason, the Pirates brought in a slew of managerial and coaching changes. … Continue reading A Pittsburgh Pirates 2020 Preview

Cheaty, Cheaty, Bang Bang

Trash cans, wires, whistles from the dugout, a mysterious monitor, fake twitter accounts… you know the story. The Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal. Months after the 2019 World Series, where the underdogs from the nation’s capital bested the offensive phenomenon that was the Astros, the investigation findings became public. The fall out was underwhelming. A few coaches respectively stepping down from their positions, but absolutely no … Continue reading Cheaty, Cheaty, Bang Bang

Best Baseball Movies to Binge

Ever since social distancing has become the new norm, it has left many people, including myself, with quite a bit of free time. So, what better thing to do than to catch up on some classic baseball movies? Here I’ve ranked my top five all-time favorites so that if you’re searching for something to watch, you can check these out as well! Benchwarmers (2006) Without … Continue reading Best Baseball Movies to Binge

Getting to Know the Boys

How can I, a fan, get the chance to interact with some of the MLB players? Fortunately over at Petco Park, the Padres Organization sets up events throughout the season known as “ SD Social Summits”. These events give fans the opportunity to get to know both, minor and major league players in the organization. What is so great about this particular event? If you … Continue reading Getting to Know the Boys

We Got Next

Even with season being postponed, there is no denying that the baseball atmosphere is changing, and for the better. Before the chaos, the San Francisco Giants announced that they will be promoting former softball star, Alyssa Nakken to a coaching position, creating lots of controversy among the baseball world. Some took immediately to social media to congratulate Nakken, but many more went to bash not … Continue reading We Got Next

Ballpark Bites

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, it’s time to talk about some baseball snacks! Everyone has their favorite go-to at the ballpark, and there are some ballparks that have specialty snacks. I’m going to talk about some classic staples, as well as some park-specific foods. Every Park Offerings No matter what ballpark you go to, there are the staple snacks. You can never go … Continue reading Ballpark Bites

To a dear old friend…

Dear Baseball, Where to begin? Thank you for the endless laughs, cries, and cheers. Thank you for being one of the best things that brings my family together. Thank you for the sound of a baseball popping into a glove. Thank you for the hot dogs, nachos, and ice cream. Thank you for teaching me how to play softball at five years old. Thank you … Continue reading To a dear old friend…

Love for the Game

Thank you baseball…  for allowing me to cross paths with such amazing people and helping me create memories that I will cherish for a lifetime.  Naturally I grew up as a San Diego Padres fan, all thanks to my dad. Growing up, I spent a lot of my time at Petco Park. But my love for the game only grew more as I heard more … Continue reading Love for the Game

Passion to Profession

Thank you baseball… for giving me something to be so passionate about. It has given me friends, the best memories, an inspiration to look up to, and jobs that will help me develop my career. As a child, I always grew up a St. Louis Cardinals fan, since my dad grew up in St. Louis. We would go to games with my grandparents and play … Continue reading Passion to Profession

Building My Life

You have been the one consistent thing throughout my entire life, even with your current absence I am still surrounded by everything you’ve given me. I am in endless debt to you, the gifts you gave can never be repaid and I am bound to you forever. You’ve given me a reason for everything, and as crazy as that sounds it’s the God honest truth. … Continue reading Building My Life

Finding A Connection

If this past week without baseball has taught me anything, it’s to appreciate everything around you, even the small things. Find the things that bring you joy and don’t let go. There’s so much in my life to be grateful for and most of it is because of baseball. So I’d like to say THANK YOU BASEBALL … … for being the connecting bridge between … Continue reading Finding A Connection