Best of the Cactus League Ballparks

Although I’d love to go in-depth to all ten of these unique stadiums, I thought it would be best to focus in on my top three. Here are some of the most unique and distinguishing features for Camelback Ranch, Sloan Park, and Tempe Diablo. Camelback Ranch Water feature Creating a park-like atmosphere, the river around the two clubhouses serves as a division between the two … Continue reading Best of the Cactus League Ballparks

The London Series: A Fan’s Perspective

This week, I decided to interview one of my good friends, Emily Pugh, on her experience at The London Series last year. She takes us through some of the high points of the game, in-game entertainment, and much more! Hope you enjoy and you can follow Emily on Instagram! Q: What was your favorite part about the experience? A: The whole trip was incredible and … Continue reading The London Series: A Fan’s Perspective

Top 3 Instagram Worthy Spots at Chase Field

Whether it’s your first or tenth time at Chase Field, there are definitely some spots that everyone should get the chance to see! My top three photo spots are listed below: Bats outside of the ballpark So cute and makes for a good picture even when the stadium is closed (like our current situation) or if there’s an away game! I personally always love finding … Continue reading Top 3 Instagram Worthy Spots at Chase Field

Best Food Spots at Chase Field

As the sun sets on another day without baseball, I find myself having flash backs to some of the many great snacks available at baseball stadiums, particularly the one nearest me, Chase Field. As a gluten-free vegan, there would hardly be anything for me to eat in general, not to mention in a ballpark or stadium. Luckily, for me, I have been able to learn … Continue reading Best Food Spots at Chase Field

Giants 2020 Preview

Another week has gone by, aka another week without baseball. As we anticipate the possibility of continuing the season in the Greater Phoenix Area, we have the time to check up on our favorite teams and see what changes they have made to their rosters in the offseason. Last season wasn’t the best for Giants fans, but this year (being an even year) had us … Continue reading Giants 2020 Preview

Best Baseball Movies to Binge

Ever since social distancing has become the new norm, it has left many people, including myself, with quite a bit of free time. So, what better thing to do than to catch up on some classic baseball movies? Here I’ve ranked my top five all-time favorites so that if you’re searching for something to watch, you can check these out as well! Benchwarmers (2006) Without … Continue reading Best Baseball Movies to Binge