Looking Back at the AAGPBL

The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. What a time it was, not just for women, but for baseball fans everywhere. We’re just a few days away from the anniversary of the league’s very first game, nearly a century ago. Even though it was an amazing feat for female athletes everywhere, the awareness of the league and girl baseball players was very minimal; and still to … Continue reading Looking Back at the AAGPBL

The Angels 7 Deadly Sins

Every team has their fair share of misfortune, the what-ifs and what could have beens torment their fanbases and organizations for seasons on end. Looking through the short history of the “Los Angeles” Angels, there were many pivotal moments that shaped the ball club for years. As we go down the list, we will look at what affected the Angels from the least to most … Continue reading The Angels 7 Deadly Sins

We Got Next

Even with season being postponed, there is no denying that the baseball atmosphere is changing, and for the better. Before the chaos, the San Francisco Giants announced that they will be promoting former softball star, Alyssa Nakken to a coaching position, creating lots of controversy among the baseball world. Some took immediately to social media to congratulate Nakken, but many more went to bash not … Continue reading We Got Next