Behind the Seams: Lora Greco

Both Lora Greco and her husband Matt are a host family for Lake Elsinore Storm. They are also members on the Board of Directors for. Matt is a member at large and Lora is the former Vice President, and current Treasurer for the Lake Elsinore Storm Booster Club. As Treasurer, it is Lora’s job to keep track of every penny that comes and goes from … Continue reading Behind the Seams: Lora Greco

The Art of a Cleat

In the baseball world today, cleats are far more than just a shoe you wear out on the field. They’re an accessory. With the power of a customized cleat, players are able to express themselves or even make a statement while out on the field. Although we may love drooling over custom cleats, it’s not often we hear about the artists and designers that make … Continue reading The Art of a Cleat

The BEST Fan Experience: Meeting Greg Garcia

Yet another reason to love the Padres. At the end of the season you can purchase scratchers for ONE dollar each. If you are one of the lucky winners, you have the opportunity to win a shirt off a players back! Even if you don’t win, all of the money fundraised goes to charity. Pretty sweet if you ask me! Of course Megan and I … Continue reading The BEST Fan Experience: Meeting Greg Garcia

Bats on Fire

Many professional athletes have turned to steroids to enhance their performance. Besides making the muscles bigger, steroids have also been known to reduce any muscle damage that has occurred on or off the field, which often helps athletes recover much quicker as it enables them to work out harder and more frequently. Down below I have noted some of the most known professional baseball players … Continue reading Bats on Fire

Staying Social While Social Distancing

There’s no pandemic big enough to keep the San Diego Padres from engaging with the Friar Faithful during these difficult times. Though it hasn’t been a whole lot of fun being away from the ballpark, the Padres sure have made it easier for the fans. Just days ago, the San Diego team paid tribute to all frontline heroes. BUT… they couldn’t leave out the Class … Continue reading Staying Social While Social Distancing

Top 5 Padres Moments From 2019

Since we can’t physically be at the ballpark, it seems like all we can do during this time is sit back and reminisce on our favorite moments from the 2019 season. Of course these are only my top 5 favorite moments, as it would be nearly impossible to note every unforgettable moment from the previous season. Please keep in mind that the following moments are … Continue reading Top 5 Padres Moments From 2019

The Ultimate Petco Park Food Guide

What makes a great ballpark? From the views, to the fan experience, and the best food in town, Petco Park has you covered. America’s Finest Ballpark is known for it’s variety of food options! Whether your looking to snack on your favorite ballpark bites or branch out and try some of San Diego’s favorite local restaurants, you won’t be disappointed! Seaside Market Sect. 105; Tri-Tip … Continue reading The Ultimate Petco Park Food Guide