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MLB’s First Certified Female Agent: Rachel Luba Rachel Luba is the first female to become a certified MLB Player's Agent. She is well known for being Trevor Bauer's agent and securing his contract this past offseason. She has served on the MLB Salary Arbitration staff and has heard 26 arbitration cases, more than any other agent. Luba is definitely a name… Continue reading MLB’s First Certified Female Agent: Rachel Luba

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Ballpark Eats: Petco Park’s Tri-Tip Nachos

One of the best parts about the ballpark is all of the delicious food. Petco Park in San Diego, CA is known for showcasing food from all of the best local restaurants in town! For our first episode of Ballpark Eats, we'll be recreating the fan favorite Tri-Tip Nachos from Seaside Market! How to… Continue reading Ballpark Eats: Petco Park’s Tri-Tip Nachos

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Behind the Seams: Frédérique Déry

Frédérique Déry is the fiancé of Phillippe Aumont, a pitcher in the Toronto Blue Jays organization. Keep up with Frédérique on Instagram! 5 Fun Facts about Frédérique Déry If glasses didn't exist, I would be considered disabled! I cannot see anything without them!! I am a self-claimed astrology specialist. I blame everything on astrology and I love… Continue reading Behind the Seams: Frédérique Déry