Meet the 2020 Boston Red Sox

By: Megan Drier The dark days of a baseball-less world are behind us, and the 2020 MLB season is here. After a long offseason following the disappointment of the 2019 Boston Red Sox, baseball is finally back at Fenway. It’s hard to be too optimistic about a team that looks very similar to last season’s roster, minus some big names. The most notable absence is … Continue reading Meet the 2020 Boston Red Sox

Baseball is a Love Language

By: Delia Ritchie “How can you not be romantic about baseball?”                -Moneyball Growing up in Chicago, you had the option of two baseball teams and depending on your upbringing, you definitely did not have a choice. I had the option of the Cubs or the White Sox, and due to the overwhelmingly positive influence of my mom’s family—I chose the White Sox. From the moment … Continue reading Baseball is a Love Language

Meet the 2020 St. Louis Cardinals

By: Kennedy Maitland The St. Louis Cardinals and “The Greatest Fans in Baseball” officially have a season to look forward to, even though it will be quite different than anything we have seen in the past. With a 60 game season starting in a few short weeks, there are some adjustments to be made and learning curves to overcome for the Cardinals organization. With summer … Continue reading Meet the 2020 St. Louis Cardinals

Changes to Baseball

By: Kennedy Maitland I’ve been waiting for the 2020 baseball season since, well truthfully, since October 31st, the day after the 2019 season ended. So, just like many others, the news of a pushed back and potentially postponed season hit me hard. Due to what many sources are saying and how our country is slowly recovering, I am super optimistic about getting some sort of … Continue reading Changes to Baseball

Life Behind the Dream

By: Paola Hernandez Baseball represents something different in every person. For some people it’s a hobby, the way to connect with other people, and for others it’s a job. I have been watching it since I was little and I grew up watching some players that became my favorites. Thinking about them, I realized that in this sport there are lots of opportunities. I’m not … Continue reading Life Behind the Dream

MVP On and Off the Field

By: Alexandra Gintoli The in-season schedule of a professional athlete, especially a Major League Baseball player, is nothing short of busy. With 162 games scheduled over a (roughly) eight month period, including time committed to practicing and training, it’s amazing they’re able to make time for themselves and their families outside of the whirlwind that is the game of baseball. Those that do, however, have … Continue reading MVP On and Off the Field

Twins 2020 Preview

By: Jena Smart “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called ‘life.’” Anyone in the state of Minnesota can tell you what those words mean, along with music lovers all around the world. Prince struck a chord when he wrote those lyrics, and we feel the vibrations, especially now as we experience the COVID-19 pandemic. While quarantine keeps us at … Continue reading Twins 2020 Preview