Instagram Worthy Spots at Angel Stadium

Angel Stadium is the fourth oldest ballpark in MLB. As a SoCal native, I’ve had my fair share of trips to the Big A. Here are some of my favorite and most creative spots to capture the perfect photo for your Instagram!

Panoramic of the Home Plate Gate

One of the most unique features of Angel Stadium is the Home Plate Gate! They have two giant Angels helmets and six large bats with two baseballs supporting the Angel Stadium signage. You can definitely play around with different angles and features to create the perfect photo.

Anaheim is most-known for being home to the “Happiest Place on Earth,” Disneyland! Angel Stadium is located just two miles down the street from Downtown Disney. The Walt Disney Company is also a minority owner of the team, so of course there is a Mickey Mouse statue in front of the ballpark. This statue was a part of a SoCal scavenger hunt to promote the All-Star Game hosted at Angel Stadium in 2010.

Another iconic attraction outside of Angel Stadium is the Big A marquee which can be seen from the I-5 freeway. It’s located in the parking lot on the East side of the stadium. If you’re leaving the stadium after an Angels win, make sure to snap a photo of the Big A once they “Light that baby up!”

Since fans aren’t allowed in the stadium this season, Paris and I got creative with backgrounds outside of the ballpark when we took product photos for my brand, Home Sweet Ballpark! Anything can make a great photo background with the right angle and vision.

I still have a lot to explore on the inside of the stadium, but here are some of my favorite features:

You can never go wrong with a photo of the field, especially when your dad and uncle photobomb you!

The life-sized Mike Trout bobblehead is located on the first base side of the terrace level concourse.

My favorite backdrop of the field is from left-center field by the pennant flags.

If you’re hanging out in the outfield, make sure to take a photo by the backside of the “California Spectacular,” a rock-pile with geysers and streams.

Looking for the best spot to take a panoramic photo of the field to round off your trip? Section 418 is the place to be. This is easily my favorite view and must-take photo in every ballpark!

I hope this photo guide helps you find the perfect spot for a selfie on your next trip to Angel Stadium! We’d love to see your photos, so make sure to tag @ballparkvibes or #BallparkVibes in your post for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

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