A Taste of Baseball

Miss baseball and friends? I know I do, which is why the girls and I headed over to Park at the Park to get a taste of Summer Camp!

Picnic w/ the girls = cheat day!

Since we were already at Petco Park this was the perfect opportunity for Megan to take some good product photos for her small business, Home Sweet Ballpark!

If you haven’t already, be sure to follow HSB on Instagram and check out their comfy ballpark apparel!

Megs can’t seem to escape BV or HSB! Always working on new projects.

After Megan got done with her mini photoshoot, we sat underneath a tree and watched Tatis do his thing. It was one of the best feelings being able to get a small taste of baseball once again.

But the best part of it all… was most definitely the dogs! *heart eyes*

Highlight of our day!

We met so many new furry friends at Park at the Park! In the first picture below is Reilly and in the following photo is Scooter!

It was beyond heartwarming watching the two chase and stumble over each other.

Before we parted ways, we were able to watch some BP. Baseballs flying in every direction but ours, but I am grateful to have been able to spend some quality time with the girls all while getting a taste of the sport we love most. (STILL following COVID-19 guidelines of course!)

Next time you are in the area and you want to catch some baseball, head over to Park at the Park for a chill experience of Summer Camp! But remember to stay social while social distancing.

Friar Faithful at Summer Camp

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