Thank You Ballpark Vibes

As I enter more of my professional career, I find it time to leave my full-time position at Ballpark Vibes. There is no way I can truly put into words what this community of strong and motivated women has helped me with, but I figured I had to start somewhere. My first post on this site was titled ‘Thank You Baseball’, so now I think I should do a similar post thanking this community.

With our amazing group of women that write full-time on this site, it is truly awesome to see each and every one’s point of view. I am so grateful for them being there to support me when I was laid off from my job at Sloan Park with the Cubs this past Spring Training. I am grateful for them being good friends of mine and for them being the first to tell each other of any baseball news we find out. I am grateful for the leader of the group, Megan, for introducing me (virtually) to these girls and for being such a good friend and team member. I also am thankful for our many guest writers who have shared their experiences and stories to broaden our site!

There’s truly so much to be thankful for, and I am only just beginning. I hope to be writing again for Ballpark Vibes in the future, perhaps as a guest writer on occasion, but for now it is time I pursue my Masters degree and my career! Thank you again for everyone reading and reposting my articles. I appreciate it so much! In the meantime, you can find me on my instagram here: @_thood. Stay safe and baseball’s back!

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