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Best of the Cactus League Ballparks

Although I’d love to go in-depth to all ten of these unique stadiums, I thought it would be best to focus in on my top three. Here are some of the most unique and distinguishing features for Camelback Ranch, Sloan Park, and Tempe Diablo.

Dodgers Dugout at Camelback Ranch
Sloan Park View
Famous Marquee Sign
  1. Camelback Ranch
    • Water feature
      • Creating a park-like atmosphere, the river around the two clubhouses serves as a division between the two teams and is used for irrigation. It really makes the park have a serene element to all the screaming fans.
    • Lemonade guy
      • Often making most of his appearances at this stadium, this man reminds me of my childhood spring training visits to Arizona. He chants, “lemonade lemonade like grandma made” and brings the excitement of the game to a whole other level. *He also travels around the valley to the other stadiums on occasion though*
    • Life-size bobbleheads
      • Tommy Lasorda and Frank Thomas are the life-size bobbleheads that make the trip to Glendale each Spring. Perfect for a memorable photo opportunity!
  2. Sloan Park
    • Replica Marquee Sign
      • During games, this is available to have a message of your choice written on it…what better memory to have than your name on an iconic piece of Cubs history?
    • Location!
      • Close to the airport, shopping, other ballparks, & more! What better place to be than right in the hub of Phoenix!
    • Food Trucks
      • The Cubs bring in all kinds of food trucks including Iowa Chuckie’s Pork Tenderloin. Around the ballpark, in general, there are plentiful food options. When I worked there, they were very accommodating for vegans as well!
  3. Tempe Diablo
    • Concessions
      • Huge Four Peaks tent where they periodically offer sampling one hour before games. Not to mention the other great concessions which include pizza, hotdogs, cotton candy, and more!
    • Autographs
      • Although I’ve been to many of the Cactus League ballparks, this one by far has given me the most memorable experiences. From receiving an autograph from Josh Hamilton down the first base line pre-game, to reuniting with my favorite player Skip Schumaker in the opposing team’s dugout, this ballpark will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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