Top 5 Mascot Moments

In honor of National Mascot Day, I decided to put together my top five favorite mascot moments.

(In no particular order of course)

Coming in hot at No. 1 – Orbit on a Mission

We got Orbit, mascot of the Houston Astros, hunting down Jose Iglesias before the big game against the Boston Red Sox.

No. 2 – Phillies Phanatic Seeks Revenge

Mark Grant, former professional baseball player and commentator for the San Diego Padres, talks about the best mascot of all time IN FRONT of Phanatic and well… the green bird seeks revenge in the best way possible. (Go to 1:10)

No. 3 – Blooper’s Feud with Machado

Third baseman for the San Diego Padres, Manny Machado loses $300 million to Blooper. Attempting to play it off, Blooper asks for an autograph from the MLB player and runs off with the cheque. The next day, Machado gets the last laugh.

No. 4 – Orbit VS Security

Astros mascot battles a security guard to a dance battle and boy, did security put on a show! There is no doubt that the guard had prepared for this moment his entire life!

No. 5 – Salsa Dancing with Phillie Phanatic

Umpire Laz Diaz shares the spotlight with Phillie Phanatic as they salsa dance on the field as the fans cheer them on. (Go to 3:15)

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