The American Association Says “Play Ball!”

The American Association of Independent Professional Baseball logo (from AAIPB website)

On Friday, June 12, the American Association of Independent Baseball (AAIPB) put out a press release announcing their plan of action to begin the 2020 season. On Monday, June 15, the league released the season schedule, as well as a more thorough description of their plan.

The league will begin a six team, 60 game season with fans in attendance starting Friday, July 3.

The league will operate with three hub cities; being hosted by the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks, Milwaukee Milkmen, and Sioux Fall Canaries. The other teams that will play include the Winnipeg Goldeyes (playing in Fargo), the Chicago Dogs (playing in Milwaukee), and the St. Paul Saints (playing in Sioux Falls). Teams will play 42 of their 60 games in their hub to limit travel. Each stadium will have in place and enforce COVID Readiness Plans, approved by local health and government officials. The stadiums will be configured to return to play with limited capacity to allow for safe social distancing while enjoying live professional baseball.

There will be a shortened Spring Training beginning on June 25, with Opening Day scheduled for Friday, July 3. The regular season will end on September 10, with a five-game American Association Championship, pitting the top two teams from the regular season.

The AAIPB 2020 schedule

Though this may not be the level of baseball we were all hoping to watch this summer, I think we can all agree that some baseball is better than no baseball. Personally, I would love to get to sit in the bleachers at Wrigley and watch the Cubs, or sit in the seats at Impact Field and watch the Chicago Dogs play at home. However, given the state of the MLB negotiations, I think I can manage a day (or weekend) trip to (just outside) Milwaukee to cheer on the Dogs.

The view from behind home plate at Impact Field, in Rosemont, IL (photo: Pam Wilinski)

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