Instagram Worthy Spots at Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium is the third oldest ballpark in MLB. There’s so much history built into the ballpark which can make for some pretty cool Instagram photos. Even though I’m a Padres fan, Dodger Stadium is my second most visited ballpark. I’ve complied a list of some of my favorite spots to capture a photo while visiting the “Blue Heaven on Earth.”

Located on the field level near the Right Field Pavilion

Depending on where your seat is located, the gate you enter usually has some type of photo-op whether it be a statue, mural, or sign. My family usually sits in the Top Deck, so we enter at the top of the stadium where you can find the Retired Numbers Plaza and Team Store.

This is also a great spot to take a panoramic photo outside the stadium!

There are several cool spots on the Top Deck, including the LA logo. On the wall to the right of the logo, you’ll find a bench with a bunch of vintage signs that can make an awesome background as well.

I personally think the Top Deck is the best place to grab a photo with the field. Here are a couple of examples from over the years.

Looking for the best spot to take a panoramic photo of the field? The Top Deck is the place to be! Since Dodger Stadium is located on the outskirts of downtown LA, you’ll see an amazing view of the San Gabriel Mountains in the outfield.

Photo taken during “golden hour”

If you’re sitting in section TD1, you have the perfect angle to snag a selfie with the Dodger’s logo without leaving your seat!

On the Club level, you’ll find the Vin Scully Press Box. As an aspiring broadcaster, I was totally geeking out! There are a bunch of neat artifacts to also check out by the press box.

For fans of the visiting team, head over to the first baseline during pregame to see the players warm up. My mom and I have started a tradition of taking a selfie with the iconic scoreboard and bleachers in the background.

Over in the outfield pavilion, you’ll find some unique statues, artifacts, and murals.

The Tommy Lasorda bobblehead is located next to the visitor’s bullpen in the Right Field Pavilion.

There’s a neat collection of bobbleheads from all MLB teams located in the Left Field Pavilion.

The unofficial Dodgers mascot hangs around in the Pavilion greeting fans and taking photos.

There is one photo that you can take from anywhere in the stadium: a photo with the iconic colored seats as your background! Depending on where you’re sitting, your seat will be either yellow, light orange, turquoise, or sky blue; the same colors as the original seats from 1962.

The sky blue seats on the Top Deck

BONUS: If you attend a special event like Fan Fest, you might be allowed access to the field. My family and I attended Dodgers Fan Fest in 2019 (yes, I’m a Padres Fan, but I went to make a video for my other blog, Meg’s Baseball Adventures.) and they had a lot of activities happening on the field.

I hope this photo guide helps you find the perfect spot for a selfie on your next trip to Dodger Stadium! We’d love to see your photos, so make sure to tag @ballparkvibes or #BallparkVibes in your post for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

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