Top 3 Instagram Worthy Spots at Chase Field

Whether it’s your first or tenth time at Chase Field, there are definitely some spots that everyone should get the chance to see! My top three photo spots are listed below:

Chase Field bats facing the stadium
Chase Field bats facing downtown
  1. Bats outside of the ballpark
    • So cute and makes for a good picture even when the stadium is closed (like our current situation) or if there’s an away game! I personally always love finding little things that make each park different and this is definitely one of them!
  2. D-backs pool
    • I mean…when else do you get to have an actual pool inside of a ballpark?
Pool inside stadium

3. Anywhere in the stadium when the roof is open

You really can’t go wrong inside Chase Field when the roof is down. If you’re lucky enough to catch the fireworks, the memories and pictures will last forever! I remember going to Chase Field so much during my freshman year, yet the firework night was the absolute best.

July 5th Firework Night

I hope this photo guide helps you find the perfect spot for a selfie on your next trip to Chase Field! We’d love to see your photos, so make sure to tag @ballparkvibes or #BallparkVibes in your post for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

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