Best Food Spots at Chase Field

Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ

As the sun sets on another day without baseball, I find myself having flash backs to some of the many great snacks available at baseball stadiums, particularly the one nearest me, Chase Field. As a gluten-free vegan, there would hardly be anything for me to eat in general, not to mention in a ballpark or stadium. Luckily, for me, I have been able to learn the best spots that I am able to enjoy while at the field, and also offer advice for non-vegans since my boyfriend and friends typically aren’t living the lifestyle that I am.

Vegan Options:

*Might I add simply vegan, not gluten-free too unless marked with an asterisk* *V= vegan, GF= gluten-free*

Paradise Valley Burger Company (Sec. 121)

-Sweet Potato Tater Tots (V, GF): Let me set the record straight immediately…BEST SWEET POTATO TATER TOTS EVER here!!!

-French Fries (V, GF)

-Homemade Chips (V, GF)

-Camelback Burger with Impossible Burger (V): Although the burger is vegan, the Impossible Meat Burger is not gluten-free unfortunately. Might have to request without cheese. This burger also is stuffed with avocado, cucumber, lettuce, brown sugar truffle ketchup, herb mustard, jalapeno-onion relish, and toasted onion flakes.

Taste of Chase (Sec. 130)

-French Fries (V, GF)

-Mediterranean Vegan Wrap (V): This wrap is a mock chicken wrap filled with spinach, hummus, cucumber, and an olive tapenade. It honestly sounds amazing, and is made with Beyond Meat Grilled Chicken making it gluten-free, but not the wrap itself.

America’s Taco Shop Phoenix Location

America’s Taco Shop (Sec. 115, 314)

-Chips and Guacamole/Salsa (V, GF): Made with corn chips and a side of your choosing, this is a great simple option that is also somewhat filling.

La Terraza (Sec. 300)

-Bean Burrito (V)

Streets of New York (Sec. 104, 113, 124, 138, 350, 318)

-Various Pizzas that can be made both (V and/or GF): Although I have never seen their Chase Field locations, I have been to their restaurants at other locations in the valley and have loved their pizzas every time. They even have a gluten-free cauliflower crust that is also vegan!

Non-diet restricted recommendations:

For the person that can have anything, why not have everything! Here are some recommendations of bites within the ballpark that are great if you don’t have any dietary restrictions!

Big Dawgs (Sec. 126)

-Cheeseburger Dog: This deep-fried hamburger found in the shape of a hot dog is a great treat for a day at the ballpark and is served with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and Big Dawgs’ secret sauce.

Ball Park Poppers (Sec. 106 & 312)

-Grand Slam Cheese Sticks: A corn dog filled with cheese…definitely beats a regular hot dog in my book!

D-Bat Dog

Taste of Chase (Sec. 130)

-D-Bat Dog: This 24″ hotdog is around 3,000 calories and comes filled with bacon, jalapeños, cheddar cheese and kettle chips, ketchup, and chipotle mustard.

[MORE]: This Cheese-Stuffed, Bacon Wrapped Corn Dog is 3,000 Calories – and Only in Arizona

General Vegan Snack Options:

As for just a simple snack inside Chase Field, Vegans have quite a few options.

-Cotton Candy (V & GF)

-Fries (V & GF)

-Sour Patch Kids (V & GF)

-Peanuts (V & GF)

-Skittles (V & GF)

-Redbridge GF Beer (V & GF)

Of course there are more options than just what is listed here, but I hope an insider’s look at Chase Field concessions helps everyone out a bit on your next trip to Phoenix!

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