Diamond Drip

No longer are baseball players solely judged on their style of play, those who watch the boys on the big screen have now become fashion critics. As silly as this seems, modern players are bringing more swag to the game than it has ever seen before. Instead of showcasing your speed and strength, players are now expressing themselves through their cleats and accessories. Sneakerheads have left the hardwood and joined the dirt, let’s take a look at the most stylish players in the league. 

Photo Via Getty Images

Marcus Stroman

Photo via Instagram, @ majorleaguelife
Photo via Instagram, @ majorleaguelife

Despite the illusion that Stroman was an Adidas athlete, his cleats are always customized to resemble Nike’s or Jordan’s. His most well known pair were his mint colored Jordan 11’s, which he eventually got a matching mint glove for. It is no question he is a Jordan lover, on the mound you can see him rocking not only the 11’s but the 4’s, 12’s, and 1’s. Keep an eye on Stro for some of the best kicks in baseball. 

Yadier Molina

Photo via Instagram, @ MLB__swag

Speaking of Jordan, it is no surprise that Yadi comes next on this list. Making a statement behind the dish and history for his pads, his Jordan catchers gear is hard to miss. He has worn the gear in many different color ways, however if you ask me, his baby blue gear is his best one yet. Oh, and if that wasn’t cool enough make sure to peep his hands on his next at-bat, he’s most likely to be rocking a matching pair of Jordan batting gloves. 

Fernando Tatis Jr

Photo via Instagram, @ Fernando_tatis21

In his first year Fernando Tatis Jr has already become a style icon in the league, whether it be his flashy sunglasses or his big gold chain. His electric style of play is enhanced by not only his accessories, but his hairstyle too. His speed and power combined with his looks makes Tatis look like a superhero out of a comic book. 

Clint Frazier

Photo via Complex Original

Lastly, but definitely not least, we have the king of custom cleats. Clint Frazier is taking shoe game to a whole other level. Not your typical Yankee, Frazier’s curly red hair and sense of style stick out in the pinstripes, so don’t expect anything less when it comes to how he expresses himself in his game-day fashion.

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