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Behind the Seams: Haley Crosby

Casey, Haley, and their daughters after a Chicago Dogs win last season.

Haley Crosby is the wife of Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Casey Crosby. Crosby pitched last season with the Chicago Dogs, and signed a minor league contract with the Dodgers in December 2019.

5 Fun Facts about Haley

  1. My claim to fame are two (very short) commercials when I was little (3-5 years old). One for Lamb Chops underwear and another for Pillsbury Dough Boy.
  2. I’m a licensed cosmetologist. My love for hair dates back to preteen years when I spent hours cornrowing all of my friends’ hair for softball tournaments.
  3. I learned to crochet off of YouTube for a hobby during the first season I traveled with Casey. Now our girls get a crochet hat for every Valentine’s Day and for each Halloween costume.
  4. I have always been a HUGE mental health advocate, and even more so after overcoming postpartum depression twice.
  5. I strive to be a parent like my own mom and dad. They have always wrapped my two brothers and I with unconditional love and support. I am forever grateful for them.

How did you and Casey meet?

We met when he moved to town before his 8th grade year and my 7th. We were always friends and then started dating at the end of my senior year.

How do you balance your life with Casey’s practice/game schedule with two little girls at home?

In the early 2010’s, we missed a lot of could-have-been memories by stressing too much, being scared, and struggling to balance life vs baseball. After Casey took a good two years off and we added a second baby, we were lucky to have a second chance. We have learned to go with the flow, enjoy the journey, explore, and take every opportunity to make memories with our girls. Casey knows I support him fully and I know that he will take on “parent duty” the moment he walks in the door from a road trip. We are better balanced ever since realizing our life is intertwined with baseball instead of fighting to keep life and baseball separate.

Do you guys have a game day routine? If so, what is it?

Nah, the four of us spend the morning together just like any other day. I’m sure Casey has a whole routine once he makes it to the clubhouse. It probably involves a lot of phone games!

Was baseball part of your life before you met Casey?

Yes, I started t-ball at three and eventually played travel and high school softball. I also spent a lot of time at both of my brothers’ games.

What is your favorite baseball memory (with or without Casey)?

So many in the last few years! But one dating way back … Casey was with the Detroit Tigers in 2012 when they played at Wrigley. He and I grew up an hour west of Chicago and we both have always been Cubs’ fans. In order to sit with our friends, I traded my two “player family section” tickets with a couple who had bleacher tickets. They looked like they had won the lottery, and I felt like I won it too. It was more fun than I could have imagined!

Haley and Casey on his debut day for the Tigers in Detroit in 2012.

What’s your favorite baseball city and why?

Chicago! I love Wrigleyville, and I’ve made a lot of great memories there!

What’s been your favorite ballpark you’ve been to?

(Let’s keep this theme going) I have to pick Wrigley. There’s just nothing I’ve experienced yet that compared to walking around the Friendly Confines, seeing the ivy in the outfield, and singing/yelling “Go Cubs Go!”

A more recent favorite is the new Chicago Dogs’ Impact Field. I love how the planes headed to O’Hare fly over so close – and the section of squishy seats I discovered last summer are incredible!

I’m either Chicago-biased or need to travel to more stadiums.

What’s one of the best and one of the hardest things about being a baseball wife?

One of the best was witnessing Casey’s unbelievable commitment and determination before his comeback. It led to his goal of pitching one more time in a professional setting. Each success that has followed has been icing on top.

The hardest is feeling helpless during setbacks due to aches and pains, both physically and mentally.

Crosby signed with the Dodgers in December 2019.
Enjoying Spring Training with the Dodgers.

Casey signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers over the offseason. How excited are you guys about the opportunity?

Extremely excited! Casey really enjoyed his first AZ spring training and thinks very highly of the Dodgers organization. The girls and I were equally as excited to spend tons of time exploring mountains with my best friend and her husband who live in Phoenix. We are so very thankful that the Dodgers think Casey is as awesome as we do!

With the season on pause, how have you and Casey been keeping busy?

With the exception of Casey’s daily garage/front yard training, we spend all day finding ways to keep the girls busy. Homeschooling assignments, make believe, outside play whenever the weather allows, and movie nights. The girls are now constantly quoting The Little Giants, and Casey is beaming with pride.


I wanted to thank Haley for doing this interview. It was great to talk with her and learn about life as a baseball wife and mom.


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