Behind the Seams: Frédérique Déry

Frédérique Déry is the fiancé of Phillippe Aumont, a pitcher in the Toronto Blue Jays organization.

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5 Fun Facts about Frédérique Déry

  • If glasses didn’t exist, I would be considered disabled! I cannot see anything without them!! 
  • I am a self-claimed astrology specialist. I blame everything on astrology and I love to guess people’s signs.
  • I used to own a spray tan franchise.
  • My first language is French.
  • I really get grossed out by hair on brushes, in the shower, in the sink… anywhere other than on a head. 

Q: How did you and Phillippe meet?

We met through a dating app! The story behind our first date is actually the best part of all. He invited me to go to the horse racing tracks (which is a super fun first date right?!). When we got there, he was actually the special guest of the night and was signing autographs and doing interviews for about two hours. I ended up waiting for him with his friends, wondering who the hell was this guy that I was on a date with… I thought he played baseball for fun LOL (I didn’t know ANYTHING about baseball at this point… didn’t even know what a strike was). 

Q: What’s one of the best and one of the hardest things about being a baseball fiancé?

Best: Being able to travel the world because of baseball. I’ve been in many states, Asia, and other places I never thought I would go!

Hardest: Phil is my rock, I don’t feel complete when we’re not together, whether it’s for a week or a month, it’s always hard to be away from each other. 

Q: How do you balance your life with a baby and Phillippe’s practice/game schedule?

Gabie at one of Phillippe’s games!

The honest answer is we have an angel baby (or maybe a baseball baby), that can follow along! She’s been perfect. Actually, she was only 4 days old when she attended her first baseball game! We mostly just make it work. Gabie loves to be in the baby carrier. so if she needs to nap at games, she’ll sleep in the carrier on me. But I only attend games when Phillippe pitches and stay home when there’s a practice! 

Q: Do you have a game day routine?

We actually don’t have one! We always go with the flow. There’s never been a routine and I’m guessing there never will be haha!

Q:What’s your favorite baseball city and why?

I’ve not been to a lot of places but definitely Toronto because: 

  1. It’s back home for me (Canada).
  2. The beautiful boardwalk right by the water.
  3. It’s a super fun city with LOTS of things to do!

Q:How are you and Phillippe keeping busy while the season is in limbo?

I have been super busy with my side business (Norwex products) and Phil has been busy building us a garden and mounds for kids in our area. Our baby girl keeps us really busy too and we are mostly grateful for this quality time together. I plan on getting back to work full-time in June, so we’re still figuring this whole situation out but baseball life prepared us for unexpected situations like this one 😉 

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