Behind the Dream: Trey Vavra

Vavra and girlfriend Courtney Mack after a game last season.

Trey Vavra is an infielder/outfielder from Menomonie, WI. He played two seasons with the Chicago Dogs.

Some Fun Facts about Trey

  1. My dad and brothers all play(ed) professional baseball.

    2. All of our dogs have T names: Thomie, Tula, and Torii. Named after Jim Thomie, Troy Tulowiski, and Torii Hunter.

    3. All my brothers have T names – Tanner and Terrin.

What is your favorite baseball movie?

Little Big League

Who is your current favorite player? All-time favorite player?

Terrin Vavra is my current favorite player. My all-time favorite is Justin Morneau.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My mom, Lesa. She has held our family together through all the rigors of the baseball lifestyle.

How did you get into baseball?

I was really introduced to baseball because it was our lifestyle as a family. My dad was a minor league coach and we traveled with him wherever he coached that year. My older brother convinced me to play baseball in college over pursuing hockey.

What kind of advice do you have for younger players?

Enjoy everything about the game and don’t take it so seriously. When you’re worried about results, it becomes really hard to be a good player, teammate, and person. Have fun and enjoy the bumps in the rough, as tough as it may be.

What’s your walk-up song?

Historically, “Loud Pipes” by Ratatat. However, with the Dogs, I had them play random songs.

What’s your gameday routine?

Wake up, have coffee, make breakfast, do some work for our business – Triple Threat Training, and then head to the field! I tried to get to the park as soon as I could, depending on traffic. Never liked being rushed at the park!

What’s been your favorite ballpark to visit?

I really liked playing at Impact Field. I’d like to go back to Elizabethon, TN, where I made my professional debut. Also looking forward to seeing my brother play at Colorado’s field.

Vavra running the bases during a game at Impact Field

What’s one of your favorite baseball memories?

Getting to play with my brother, while our dad coached us, in a big league Spring Training game for the Twins. It was pretty cool.

You played two seasons with the Chicago Dogs. What was it like to play there?

It was great! Obviously in the first two seasons there were some challenges we all faced, nevertheless it was a blast. Our staff was awesome. Butch, Stan, Cory, DJ, and Patrick all made our time there great.

Trey during the “ChicaGOLD” game last summer


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