Giants 2020 Preview

Another week has gone by, aka another week without baseball. As we anticipate the possibility of continuing the season in the Greater Phoenix Area, we have the time to check up on our favorite teams and see what changes they have made to their rosters in the offseason.

Oracle Park 2019

Last season wasn’t the best for Giants fans, but this year (being an even year) had us hopeful yet again. Let’s look back to the changes that were made in this offseason to see how our team has changed and grown.

Without a doubt, the biggest change to the team as a whole was Bruce Bochy’s retirement. Gabe Kapler, fired from his previous managerial position with the Phillies, has taken his place. Kapler was picked up by the Detroit Tigers in his playing days as a 57th-round draft pick in the 1995 MLB Draft. In his managerial career, he has managed the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2018 and 2019 seasons. We can hope to see Kapler step up and take control of this Giants team and, maybe even lead them to another championship.

New Giants manager, Gabe Kapler at Oracle Park

Some BIG changes were made this year, even if the actual transactions were few and far between. From a new manager in town, to beloved Hunter Pence re-signing with San Francisco, to Bumgarner leaving for Phoenix, so much has occurred!

First off, Pablo Sandoval was re-signed to a minor league contract with hopes of coming back up to the majors sometime soon. Then, we saw Hunter Pence sign a one-year deal through 2020 with the Giants after a brief run with the Texas Rangers. We also saw Wilmer Flores be signed as a free agent throughout the 2020 and 2021 season with an option for an extension through 2022. Also, Madison Bumgarner went to the Arizona Diamondbacks almost without warning which saddened many true Giants fans.

Along with those big name players, many notable faces were sent to the minors along with Pablo Sandoval. Those names include: Shaun Anderson, Steven Duggar, Chris Shaw, and Trevor Cahill.

Not a ton of changes for the Giants, but the ones made definitely should have us in for an exciting season with a fan-favorite like Pence back in the lineup! Hopefully, for all of our sake, the stadiums will be crowded sooner than ever and we can all cheer on the Giants to their next championship!

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