Getting to Know the Star of Lake Elsinore Storm: Kaz Egan

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the star of Lake Elsinore Storm, you are in for a treat! (No pun intended)

Kaz Egan is a professional sports broadcaster and anchor. He graduated from Palomar College with a degree in Digital Broadcasting Arts. Kaz then went on to be a reporter and anchor for the North County News. Soon enough he became the emcee for Lake Elsinore Storm, where he now shares the spotlight with his pal, Thunder. When Kaz isn’t watching sports, you can find him announcing sports or anchoring sporting events.

Via Thunder’s Instagram – @biggreendog


• Kaz is 6’7”

• He has ripped his pants at a game in front of 5,000 people!

• Got his first job as a sign spinner

• Loves to go to karaoke bars

• His favorite animal is a blue whale

What kind of experience do you have in the broadcasting industry?

I graduated from Palomar College in San Marcos, CA with a degree in Digital Broadcasting Arts. I then went on to be a reporter and anchor on a weekly show called North County News.

How did you get into sports broadcasting?

I’ve played sports my entire life so when it came to that I had to figure out what I wanted to do after high school, I decided to do what I love. Which is to be involved in sports, and talk a lot! I have always loved to entertain people and I was extremely lucky to find out that the Lake Elsinore Storm were holding auditions for an on-field emcee.

Who or what inspired you?

Ever since I was a kid, I have been a massive professional wrestling fan! I learned a lot about entertainment from icons like The Rock and Chris Jericho. I aspire to keep growing in this industry so I can entertain the masses just like the people who inspire me.

What is your favorite thing about being able to work for an organization like Lake Elsinore Storm?

The Storm organization is put together by such an amazing group of people. We have really become like a family. Along with everything we get to do in the community, it continues to be such a wonderful opportunity. My favorite thing about working with the Lake Elsinore Storm has to be interacting with all the Storm fans. I love to be able to make them cheer and laugh. They are the reason I keep coming back for 70 home games a season.

Although there are many pro’s of working in the broadcasting industry, what are some challenges you have faced along the way? How did you conquer those issues?

Challenges that I’ve faced along the way are actually some people. In this industry, it is impossible to get everybody to like you. There are going to be some haters that try to push you down or try to make you feel less than great. At the beginning, I let those people get to me. I soon realized that what those 1% of people say or think, is so insignificant. It is much more important to stay true to who you are, to continue to shine on, and to follow your dreams.

A little off topic, but I know you’ve met a few of the Vlog Squad members and you’ve also made an appearance in Jason Nash’s vlog. What was that experience like? How did you come in contact with him?

The members of the vlog squad are some of the nicest and most down-to-earth people I have met. I first met Jason Nash at his comedy show in San Diego. I was sitting front row and at the end of his routine, it was time for the Q&A segment. I raised my hand and said “I’m an announcer for a baseball team and I was wondering if I could announce you”. He laughed and gave me the microphone, I turned around to the crowd and did my spiel introducing Jason Nash. I have a video of that on my Instagram page. Jason thought it was so cool, that after the show we exchanged information and he asked if I would be in one of his vlogs.

What are some of your goals?

As long as I can be in front of a crowd and entertain people, then I will be more than happy. My ultimate goal is to be a ring announcer for a major company like WWE or UFC.

Kaz on the job!

Since the season has been postponed, what have you been doing to keep yourself busy/entertained?

Luckily, being part of the Lake Elsinore Storm, I still get to work from home. I’ve been helping to make a lot of content that you see on all our social media platforms. I also recently bought a piano and I’m slowly but surely teaching myself how to play!

Lastly, what advice do you have for those wanting to pursue a career in the broadcasting industry?

My advice in this industry and in life would be don’t let people’s opinion of you define the choices you make in life. One of my favorite quotes is “Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth”.

From interviewing Kaz Egan, you can truly tell how down-to-earth and transparent he is. He is the one person you can socialize with comfortably and without an issue. There is no denying that Kaz is so incredibly devoted to his passion. Kaz simply radiates optimism.

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