Helmets to Headsets

With no baseball to be played, or watched, what is there left for us to do? Be assured that us fans are not the only ones having serious game-day withdrawals. Players across the league are gearing up to compete on the diamond again, only this time, they do so with headsets instead of helmets. The MLB will be hosting a 29 game season for players to compete in with an end goal of becoming World Series Champs on May 2nd, on MLB the Show. With a representative from each team you can be sure to tune in and root for your boys, and even better get to hear them as if they were mic’d up on every single pitch. 

Picture via @MLB on Intagram

In addition to giving us baseball back (kind of), the MLB partnered with Sony to donate $5,000 to each team’s hometown Boys and Girls Club, in addition to the World Series Champs earning an additional $25,000 donation. A great plan to bring players, fans, communities, and children together. 

Picture: Playstation

Each game will be live streamed through the players Twitch Account or their team’s channel. To make this as realistic as possible, broadcaster, Robert Flores, will be giving recaps, interviews, and analysis with the players throughout the entire tournament. 

Picture: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Want to know who is representing you team, check it out below!

Picture via @MLB on Intagram
Picture via @MLB on Intagram

God Bless, John 13:35

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