Shaping Up Amidst the Coronavirus

Major League Baseball players continue to stay in shape, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic that has put a hold on their season. Many of the athletes have at home gyms, personal trainers they can FaceTime or Zoom with, or simply just making do with whatever they have at home.

Working out at home and not being able to go to professional work out facilities can be difficult for some. But it is important that these baseball athletes stay in shape because their season can start at any moment during these uncertain times.

This can also be a difficult time for teams’ strength and conditioning coaches as they have to find ways to continue to do their job and make sure these athletes are conditioning and working out. Several teams have turned to the computerized platform called Teambuildr. This is an online workout platform that all athletes are able to participate in to continue to stay in shape and healthy during this time. Jose Vazquez, strength and conditioning coach for the Texas Rangers, is a big advocate for Teambuildr. He said he is able create different workouts for pitchers, catchers and position players.Teambuildr

Many major league athletes such as Nelson Cruz from the Twins, Evan White from the Mariners, Mike Trout from the Angeles, Aroldis Chapman from the Yankees, Clayton Kershaw from the Dodgers and many more are taking to social media to show off just what they have been doing during this break. Some are lifting weights, others are working on pitching and batting form and players like Gerrit Cole from the Yankees are looking to their wives to play some catch with them. Nonetheless, these athletes are dedicated to what they do and now is the time where their passion and determination for the game of baseball kicks in.

Gerrit Cole
Gerrit Cole, Pitcher for the New York Yankees

Athletes posting on social media also gives fans the chance to work out just like these big-league baseball players. Fans can incorporate the same routines into their own workouts. Personally, I have always been someone that does not know what is right and what is wrong when it comes to workout techniques. Therefore, seeing what these professional athletes do gives me a chance to workout just like them and feel strong and confident with what I am doing.

The director of player performance for the Dodgers, Brandon McDaniel, is streaming 30-minute workouts on the team’s social media accounts for everyone and anyone to join. McDaniel said the workouts being streamed on the social media accounts are the same workouts he is sending to his players. The workouts will continue to be streamed every Monday and Friday at 8 a.m. PT until the 2020 MLB season resumes. McDaniel said he is doing it for the fans and wants everyone to stay healthy, both mentally and physically, during these difficult times.

Brandon McDaniel, Director of Player Performance for the Los Angeles Dodgers

Staying active and keeping your body moving is so important during this period of time. Being in bed or on the couch all day can result in feeling sad and unmotivated to get work done. Therefore, I highly recommend working out, even if it is just for 25 minutes. Stay active and have fun with it by being creative, like Nolan Arenado from the Rockies and his cousin and teammate Josh Fuentes with their pitching machine!

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