Getting to Know the Boys

( Photo via Nicky Patriarca (@NicPat08) on Twitter)

How can I, a fan, get the chance to interact with some of the MLB players?

Fortunately over at Petco Park, the Padres Organization sets up events throughout the season known as “ SD Social Summits”. These events give fans the opportunity to get to know both, minor and major league players in the organization.

What is so great about this particular event?

If you love your team and you’d love to gain a greater connection with any of the players, you’ll definitely want to attend a social summit! During the event, everyone has the opportunity to ask the player any questions they may have. (The juicy questions are ALWAYS the fans’ favorite!) During the session, you really learn a lot about the player. For the most part, most players share how they feel being part of the organization and what their ambitions are.

Personally, my favorite part of every social summit is hearing what the player has to say about their growth in the game and what they can do to improve their performance.

Do they announce the players who will be participating in the social summit?

Unfortunately, they do not. The player is always kept as a surprise until the event officially begins.

What minor and major league players have participated in the past events?

Some of the minor league players that have participated are Henry Henry (yes, that’s his real name!), Blake Hunt, Reggie Lawson, etc.

Major league players that have participated include Chris Paddack, Luis Perdomo, Gerardo Reyes, Michel Báez, Zach Davis, Ty France, Josh Naylor, and much more.

Can anyone attend a Social Summit?

Unfortunately, not everyone can attend the event. You have to be INVITED.

How can I be invited?

If you keep up with the San Diego Padres on social media, they will randomly announce a social summit the week of the event. All you have to do is respond to the tweet answering why you would like to attend and they will contact you if you are selected!

Do fans have the opportunity to meet the players one on one?

If there is time left over, those in attendance have the opportunity to meet the players afterwards.

If you’re lucky enough to attend a #SDSocialSummit, definitely make the most of it. It will be a very fun experience that you’ll always remember!

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