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Even with season being postponed, there is no denying that the baseball atmosphere is changing, and for the better. Before the chaos, the San Francisco Giants announced that they will be promoting former softball star, Alyssa Nakken to a coaching position, creating lots of controversy among the baseball world. Some took immediately to social media to congratulate Nakken, but many more went to bash not only her, but the Giants included. But baseball’s had women coaches before, so what’s the big deal? 

( Picture via @candy.avila.s on Instagram)

The HUGE deal is that Alyssa will be the very first full-time female assistant coach in the history of Major League Baseball. Never been seen before, she will be in uniform, traveling with the team, and helping players develop. She will be throwing batting practice to the hitters, hitting fungo to prepare the defense, as well as fostering a clubhouse culture of success. Giants Manager, Gabe Kapler, commented, “Simply, I think she’s going to be a great coach… Merit and the ability to be a great coach trumps all.” A step in the right direction for Major League Baseball, leveling the playing field regardless of gender, an action that has been long overdue. 

As inspirational as this was, many that feel uncomfortable with women being put into a position of power did not hold back on expressing their thoughts. Former San Francisco Giant, Aubrey Huff, tweeted about the disgrace brought upon the Giants with this decision. Not only did he try to drag Alyssa down, he tried encouraging his former teammates like, Brandon Crawford, Buster Posey, and Brandon Belt to do the same. It is sad that this breakthrough had to share the stage with this nonsense, however it goes to show how much work is still to be done to increase woman involvement in sports.

(Picture via Randy Vazquez / Bay Area News Group)

Keep breaking barriers Alyssa, we can’t wait to watch you pave the path for the future of this game!

God Bless, Psalm 46:5

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