To a dear old friend…

Dear Baseball,

Where to begin?

Thank you for the endless laughs, cries, and cheers. Thank you for being one of the best things that brings my family together. Thank you for the sound of a baseball popping into a glove. Thank you for the hot dogs, nachos, and ice cream. Thank you for teaching me how to play softball at five years old. Thank you for teaching me how to be the best teammate. Thank you for inspiring me to pursue a career in broadcast sports journalism. Thank you for teaching me that it is okay to strike out, both in the game and in life.


Thank you for simply being you.


I remember the days I was around five years old and would come into the living room to be with my dad. The Dodgers would be playing on the TV. I would sit up next to him and he explained to me what a double play was and what a pick off was. He explained to me what a grand slam was.

It was an instant connection with you at such a young age and playing softball was the next best thing to happen to me. I played for 14 years of my life. 14 years! That is more than half of my life so far. I looked up to baseball players like Clayton Kershaw and Derek Jeter. Continuously practicing their work ethic and striving to be as successful as them for 14 years straight made me the hard working and dedicated person I am today.

You taught me to be humble. Just as soon as you reach success you will hit failure.


You taught me to appreciate the little things in life.

You taught me how to be mentally tough and how to push through something no matter how difficult it may be.

You taught me that I need to work hard to be successful. Nothing comes easy in life.


You taught me passion and love.


So, Baseball.

Thank you. I long for summer nights at the baseball stadium eating a bag of peanuts with family and friends. I long for the extra innings. I long for the seventh inning stretch. I long for doing the wave with the rest of the crowd. I long for the two outs, two strike, last inning at bats.

We will be reunited again, baseball, and I can’t wait.

Your biggest fan,



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