Love for the Game

Thank you baseball… 

for allowing me to cross paths with such amazing people and helping me create memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. 

#Brownisback event 💛🤎

Naturally I grew up as a San Diego Padres fan, all thanks to my dad. Growing up, I spent a lot of my time at Petco Park. But my love for the game only grew more as I heard more stories about my uncle’s passion for the sport. Soon enough my grandmother gifted me his huge collection of baseball cards and that alone filled me with so many different emotions. Unfortunately I never had the chance to meet my uncle due to his passing in the early 90s. But our shared love for baseball somehow connected us both in a way I cannot even explain. Whether I’m playing catch or out at the ballpark, I can feel his presence with me. And I think that’s the most magical part of the sport. Baseball allows for millions of people, including myself, to build the best relationships and helps create the best memories that will last us a lifetime.

But most importantly baseball has allowed me to connect with hardworking and inspiring women, such as Megan Ellis and the rest of the Ballpark Vibes team; and for that I am grateful. 

The Padres Organization has played a huge role in my baseball journey. If it weren’t for the Padres Organization, none of us fanatics would have the opportunity to meet some of our favorite players. So THANK YOU PADRES for giving us the opportunity to gain the ultimate fan experiences at the ballpark during both, the season and off season. 

Thank you baseball for giving me a home away from home. 

Throwback from 2009 – Meeting Adrian Gonzalez for the first time.

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