From Dream to Reality

Growing up in Chicago, I was always a fan of the “Lovable Losers,” the Cubs. I would race home from school to put on my Derrek Lee jersey. I would take my homework and a radio to sit on the porch and listen to the game on 720 WGN. I lived a couple blocks from Wrigley Field, so when there was a home game, I would be able to hear the crack of the bat and the sounds of the crowd – from cheering and booing to singing The Stretch. It was then – when I was in middle school – that I decided I wanted to work in sports, especially baseball. Thank you, baseball for a dream.

Fast forward to 2016. It was my first year working in baseball, at Wrigley Field, nonetheless. Over the course of the season, the Event Ops team went from coworkers to friends to family. I have friends still from the 2016 season, as well as the subsequent seasons. Thank you, baseball for a second family.

The Cubs would go on to win the 2016 World Series (in case you forgot), and I was lucky enough to not only work the games at Wrigley, but to be at Games 6 and 7. The atmosphere at both ballparks was incredible and incomparable. Seeing the Cubs put an amazing capstone on an amazing season was something out of a movie. Thank you, baseball for a dream come true.

It was after that season that I started school for Sports Communication (eventually switching to Sports Management and Communications). I joined the school newspaper as the Sports Editor, covering most of the sports but was always waiting for the spring to cover the baseball team. I started working in the Athletics Department, gaining the office experience side of working in sports.

In 2018, the Chicago Dogs had their inaugural season, and I was there, working in the box office. Last season, I was the Box Office Supervisor; but after our opening weekend, I worked as the interim Box Office Manager. Over the season, I developed an incredible [working] relationship with the owner and our front office staff. I also developed incredible relationships with our players’ families; they were always at games, so when they came to Will Call to pick up their tickets, I knew who they were and how many tickets they would receive. Thank you, baseball for the opportunities.

I’ve always had a love for baseball, but I feel like my journey with the sport is just beginning.

Thank you, baseball for an unconditional love. No matter the box score. No matter the season record.

Thank you, baseball for always being there.


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