Thank You Baseball

Building My Life

You have been the one consistent thing throughout my entire life, even with your current absence I am still surrounded by everything you’ve given me. I am in endless debt to you, the gifts you gave can never be repaid and I am bound to you forever. You’ve given me a reason for everything, and as crazy as that sounds it’s the God honest truth.

I grew up surrounded by you, raised as my dad’s favorite son basically. We would sit and watch guys like Maicer Izturis and Erick Aybar turn double plays, the Rookie John Lackey come in Game 7 of the World Series and win it, or Jered Weaver pitching a no-hitter, and of course Big Daddy Vladdy bringing everyone in with a big fly. This grew my relationship with my dad so much that he became my best friend, and we haven’t gone a single year without visiting the Big A to root on our Halos.

This love transcended into our passion for softball. What better sport to play then the one I admired all day with my dad, sure I played baseball with the boys for a little bit, but I needed something a tad bit quicker. And for me picking a position was easy, my all time favorite players were David Eckstein and Howie Kendrick, so naturally I had to be a middle infielder with some hidden power at the plate. My dad would take me out to the field and we’d practice Jeter plays all day long at short, then come into BP to take bent knee hacks like Beltre. Now I can proudly say that softball has also found its way into my heart and is helping me achieve my dreams. Paying for school and helping me become well traveled. Through softball, I’ve been lucky enough to play at two Division 1 schools, San Diego State and Loyola Marymount, and you can best believe I am an avid baseball fan at both of these schools.

Enter my Best Friend, Megan. I actually was able to meet my closest friend through Aztec Baseball and at that time we weren’t particularly fond of each other, but now I have a hard time going to games without her. Even though I’m a die hard Angels fan she has given me a soft spot for her beloved Padres, something I thought would never happen, but here I am in the flesh rooting for my favorite national league team. Through her I have been absolutely and completely immersed into the WHOLE world of baseball. She has completely opened me up to so many new opportunities, connections, and friendships. She introduced me to my baseball besties down in San Diego that I don’t know what I would do with out (Love you Natalie and Ness <3). On top of that she brought me to come to know the other strong and beautiful women I get the honor of working with at Ballpark Vibes.

So thank you baseball, you have given me more than I could have ever asked for and more than I ever thought I would have. It’s truly crazy how much baseball has altered my life, and I wouldn’t change it for anything. From the little girl whose happiest place on Earth was in Anaheim but wasn’t Disneyland, you’ve given me so much, my daddy-daughter bond, my passion on the dirt, my education, my experience, my best friends, my new friends, and a great conversation piece always. I love you baseball. 

God Bless, Psalm 28:7

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