Behind the Seams: Lora Greco

Both Lora Greco and her husband Matt are a host family for Lake Elsinore Storm. They are also members on the Board of Directors for. Matt is a member at large and Lora is the former Vice President, and current Treasurer for the Lake Elsinore Storm Booster Club. As Treasurer, it is Lora’s job to keep track of every penny that comes and goes from … Continue reading Behind the Seams: Lora Greco

Meet the 2020 Boston Red Sox

By: Megan Drier The dark days of a baseball-less world are behind us, and the 2020 MLB season is here. After a long offseason following the disappointment of the 2019 Boston Red Sox, baseball is finally back at Fenway. It’s hard to be too optimistic about a team that looks very similar to last season’s roster, minus some big names. The most notable absence is … Continue reading Meet the 2020 Boston Red Sox

The Art of a Cleat

In the baseball world today, cleats are far more than just a shoe you wear out on the field. They’re an accessory. With the power of a customized cleat, players are able to express themselves or even make a statement while out on the field. Although we may love drooling over custom cleats, it’s not often we hear about the artists and designers that make … Continue reading The Art of a Cleat

Instagram Worthy Spots at Angel Stadium

Angel Stadium is the fourth oldest ballpark in MLB. As a SoCal native, I’ve had my fair share of trips to the Big A. Here are some of my favorite and most creative spots to capture the perfect photo for your Instagram! One of the most unique features of Angel Stadium is the Home Plate Gate! They have two giant Angels helmets and six large … Continue reading Instagram Worthy Spots at Angel Stadium

Baseball is a Love Language

By: Delia Ritchie “How can you not be romantic about baseball?”                -Moneyball Growing up in Chicago, you had the option of two baseball teams and depending on your upbringing, you definitely did not have a choice. I had the option of the Cubs or the White Sox, and due to the overwhelmingly positive influence of my mom’s family—I chose the White Sox. From the moment … Continue reading Baseball is a Love Language

Say Hello to the 2020 Dodgers

“Well, now, here we are… together again. You might look a little different, and you might sound a little different. But despite our uncertainties and despite your imperfections, you’re still you. You’re still baseball. And here you come to make us smile and to make us mad. To give a little hope and a little routine. Here you come with the moments and the memories … Continue reading Say Hello to the 2020 Dodgers